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About Us

Establish your unique online presence

Dekiru Creations is a creative agency focused on putting you and your organisation on the web, and making sure others know about it. By using quality design tailored to meet your brands needs, we put you in a position for online dominance.

Nowadays, with almost everyone having access to the internet, a simple online search is almost all it takes for a client to find your business and what you have to offer. In fact this has become so common that if people do not find anything about you, they may have second thoughts about engaging your services. Likewise, with a great website and quality content on your social media, you can attract and convert clients, most of the time without even meeting them. A formidable online presence can do wonders for your business or your brand. And that's why we exist.

At Dekiru creations, we are committed to help you create your online presence tangible. Not only do we push for high quality work but also seek to provide a seamless experience between your website and you social media accounts. Our web design and content creation philosophy is centered around complementing your brand image rather than competing with it. So whether people visit your website or interact with you on Facebook and Twitter, they have the same feeling of the high standards your business or brand has established.

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Our Services

Web Design & Development

Our designs are of the highest quality without compromising performance. All our websites are responsive and search engine optimized, because all websites should be.

Identity Design

We create logos, design work for your business or organization and identity systems to ensure you maintain brand consistency and fluency with your design work.

Graphics for Social Media

We create stunning graphics for your social media needs as well as graphics for ads to increase the effectivenes of your online campaigns.

Have we piqued your interest?

Why Dekiru Creations?

Yes, it's true that there are other agencies offering similar services, and you probably want to know why you should choose us over the competition. Or what makes us different from the rest. At times it's in the little things, like how we don't put our name in the footer of your website. But mostly it's in these four things we pride ourselves in.

Utmost Integrity
We make sure that once we have agreed to a task we see it to completion. We'll update you every step of the way, and even let you know when something happens on our end that may interfere with deadlines. The licenses of all the themes and images we use are all in order.
Amazing Support
We understand that while you sleep, the internet does not. You can get in touch with us at anytime of the day and we'll get you sorted as soon as humanly possible. We're not just reactive, we are proactive; tackling issues even before they arise. We've got your back.
Fiery Dedication
We are a team of dedicated and vastly skilled ninjas who work tirelessly to give you the best end product. Our closing hours are when the job for the day is done; and at times work will continue through the night to get the job done.
The Extra Mile
We believe that the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is that little extra. With Dekiru Creations, your relationship with us doesn't end after the final product; we will periodically run ideas by you to keep your website current. We offer more than just a product, we offer a service.

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